Working While Studying Abroad: Best Tips for International Students

If you have plans to study in France or any other country such as USA, Canada, etc then it will be a great idea to work along with your education.

Working while studying

With no dearth of working options, earning while you study can really help you a good deal when it comes to funding your expenses abroad.

Also, apart from alleviating your financial pressures having a job while studying in foreign countries helps you gain good work experience and know more about the work culture in that country.

So, if you are looking forward to study in USA or any other country then you must already possess a student visa.

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Now, this visa is quite different from a holiday visa. A student visa is enough to cover for your work; however, this varies from country to country. For example, in the US, students studying exchange can only work on campus for 20 hours If they have an F1 visa.

On the other hand, for doing off-campus jobs, you will need to approach the Immigration. In many countries you simply cannot do an official job while you are in a student visa period.

Also they do not allow you to have multiple kinds of visas. So, with so many variations and rules with regards to working while studying in abroad, it is suggested that you do proper research before making a decision.

Jobs that you can do as a student in abroad

If you have planned to pursue your study in Canada, then there are various jobs from which you can choose from.

1. English tutor

If you are good in English then you can become an English tutor and earn a good amount of money in this way.

In countries such as Spain and France, where people do not have English as their main language, English tutors are in great demand as people are keen to learn a foreign language.

Your strong grasp on the English language can take you a long way in earning big bucks as an English tutor.

2. Waiter

On the other hand, if you want to study in USA then you can work in a restaurant or in a library or in a hostel.

In short, there are many work options available there.

3. Others

Also, it is a great thing if you know of any particular skill such as horse riding, diving, childcare worker, etc as these skills can fetch you good part time jobs while you are studying in a foreign country.

So, if you want to get good opportunities then you need to hone your skills and work on your strengths, make use of your available connections and secure a good job for yourself.

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Today, we are seeing more students relocating to foreign locations to study in France, USA, Canada and various other countries for higher studies and brighter career prospects.

Earning while learning is the current norm and one of the most opted ways to sustain oneself financially in a foreign location.

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