How Far is 3.2km Run Time? A Cadet’s Guide to Running Fast.

Are you interested in joining the military? For you to qualify in joining the NDA, you need to be able to complete the NDA 3.2km race under 18 mins for guys and 22 mins for ladies. Become a fast and fit runner with this all-star advice to help you rack up the 3.2km race.

Due to several emails I received from NDA aspirants asking to know how far is 3km run time for NDA cadet selection exercise?

I have decided to write this post with the aim to give advice and hint on how you can beat the NDA 3.2km run and improve your speed.

How far is 3.2km run

You Asked:

How far is 3.2km run time for NDA aspirant?

A 3.2km run is 3 kilometers in length. This approximately equal to 1.99 miles. That is, about 10,499 feet. The amount of time it takes to complete a 3.2km run depends on how fast a person runs.

You could also want to convert 3.2km to other length units using this converter

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Now that you have known how far is 3.2km run, how do you train to be able to run 3.2 km in 18 mins or 22 mins?

My best running tips for you



The good news: If you can run 3.2km race, you’re ready to boost your chances of joining the Nigerian Military

The bad news: NDA only allows stipulated running time for the selection exercise. Therefore, running 3.2km race does take some practice.

The best thing you can do two weeks before the real race is run/exercise every day.

Make sure you cover the 3.2km distance several times by doing run/walks.

If you can’t cover the 3.2km at once, take a walking break, then run some more.

I would also look at doing a few short intervals in runs, e.g. run 1 minute fast, 3 minutes easy and repeat that 3-5 times.

Additional running tips to help you rack up the 3.2km race.


military race

  1. Start with short running intervals
  2. Don’t start out too fast
  3. Run your routine: 3.2km run
  4. Select smarter running shoes
  5. Run – don’t walk – in your running shoes
  6. Go for a trial run (practice)
  7. Build running strength (how to do it)
  8. Train faster
  9. Run strides
  10. Run the hills
  11. Run hungry: “I recommend running in a fasted state for slow to moderate runs lasting up to 90 minutes, which means not eating in the two hours before setting out, or running first thing before breakfast,” says performance and clinical dietitian Renee McGregor, author of Training Food

  12. Eat the right carbs
  13. Slow down your breathing
  14. Land on your forefoot while running
  15. Empty your mind
  16. Lead with your chest
  17. Slap and tap the ground
  18. Don’t forget downhill running
  19. Get a massage before the real 3.2km race day
  20. Make sleep a higher priority
  21. Run shorter to get faster: Tabata training is an excellent tool for increasing speed
  22. Start hydrating 4 days before a race
  23. Race cars
  24. Practice planking
  25. Put on a happy face
  26. Take care of your body


Do you have more questions on how far is 3.2km run time or need further explanation to the above mentioned running tips?

Drop your question in the comment below.

Good luck! – To-be cadet.

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