How to Prevent Your Apple Macbook Laptop from Overheating

Once you have spent more than one thousand dollars on a top of the line MacBook laptop you will want to do everything in your power to keep it up to the condition that you got it when you first took it out of the store.

This is a problem that every Mac user faces at one point but many people do not know how to keep up their new computer, as they would like.

This means that they are leaving their computer to fall apart not because they want to but simply because they do not know how to get about keeping their new investment up to the level they would like.

As time passes your computer will start to become very hot the more you use it and eventually you will notice that your computer battery will start to die before it indicates that it is at 0 % which was my problem.

My Mac started to crash when it was at 60 % and I did not know what to do but I later spoke to an Apple employee who told me how I could solve this problem.

How to Solve the Problem of Your MacBook Laptop Overheating


1) Take off your cover

The most common thing that causes your Macbook laptop to crash is the fact that the vents are covered by something. This mean that the heat is being trapped inside the computer and being put back into the computer because it has no other place to go. This makes your computer hotter than it should be and will eventually cause overheating which will shorten your battery life.

Macbook Laptop

2) Adjust your temperature

The temperature that your computer performs best at is 70 degrees and if it gets hotter than this it can cause problems for the processor inside of the computer. This will lead to your computer performing worse than it did before and you will find that your battery is more prone to shutting off before it has been completely drained.

In order to avoid this you should keep your laptop in a room that has a thermostat, which is set below 70 degrees for the protection of the computer.

You should never use your computer in a high temperature room and you should never store your computer in high heat conditions under any circumstances because doing so will harm the performance of this computer.

You may believe that this is a small thing, but in the world of computers you will find that controlling the temperature of your computer is the most important factor in determining how long it will last.

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