Tips to Ace Interviews: How You Can Answer Tough Questions and Impress the Interviewer

There you are, seated across a desk from an interviewer. This is it, the only chance you have to prove you’ve got what it takes to get the job.

A million thoughts are racing through your mind and it’s making your palms sweat and your heart race twice as fast as it normally does.

Over the next thirty seconds the person interviewing you will make up their mind about whether or not you’ve got the goods. This article looks at some tips which will help you to stand out in a crowd, and hopefully get the job.

Getting through an interview can be a nerve-racking experience. Here are some tips to make yourself look like a more attractive candidate.

Tips to Ace Tough Interview Questions


Answering the Tricky Questions

For example, if you are asked to talk about yourself, it’s wise to mention a couple of things about where you come from and your educational background, dissertation. Also, you can talk about a particular interest and/or a significant career change. Try not to sound like a machine and recite rudimentary facts about your life because this will induce boredom, and your chances will diminish rapidly.

It’s a good bet the interviewer will ask why you want to work at that particular company. If you did your homework you can elaborate about the firm’s reputation and how your qualifications will benefit the company as a whole.

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Finally, the question which nobody really wants to answer will come up at some point. Why did you leave your last job? Whatever you do don’t offer fabricated stories or excuses, and do not bash your former boss. Simply say your skills are a better fit for this company and is a door to new opportunities.

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When You Get To Ask Questions

To show you are truly interested in the job, ask the interviewer detailed questions about the corporate culture within the company. Listen to the responses very carefully, because your decision to work for this person will be based on what he/she says.

Inquire about the workplace environmentmarketing and advertising strategies, and opportunities for advancement. It’s best not to ask about money and benefits at this early stage, in the interviewer’s mind this will mean you’re not that interested in doing the job and doing it well.


Body Language Speaks Volumes

Without saying a word and probably not aware they are doing it, candidates can send very clear messages about what they are thinking with innocuous body language. Here are some gestures to avoid when being interviewed.

  • Don’t stare blankly at the floor or at the interviewer. This indicates you are not at all interested in the conversation.
  • Don’t fidget excessively. The interviewer will know right away you lack confidence and the ability to maintain your composure.
  • Do not slouch in your chair, and at the same time try not to sit up straight as an arrow. The former will create the impression you are incompetent and the latter will show anxiety.

All the university degrees and experience in the world will not make a bit of difference if your body language says otherwise. Relax, make eye contact with the interviewer and smile. If there is more than one person conducting the interview, when speaking and answering interview questions try to maintain eye contact with all of them.

A job interview doesn’t have to be painful. Interviews are a part of everyone’s lives, and the more you do to prepare, the better you’ll become.

Additional Tips to Help You Ace Tough Interview Questions


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