SEO for Attorney: How to Generate Traffic to Your Attorney Website

In the digital arena, any information search starts on search engines and lawyer service is not an exception.

If you have attorney website and looking for an opportunity to capture this potential traffic, SEO where is abbreviated as search engine optimization is only a way out.

These SEO strategies help you convert online searches into potential customers. These are different ways to generate traffic through SEO for attorney website.

Target local keywords

What does local keyword targeting mean? It is all about saying that you should become popular in your physical location before you try to capture the attention of the customers on bigger space.

If you are starting SEO for attorney website from the starch, be prepared stay patient for the longer term to get listed for highly competitive keywords. You would rather focus to get listed for the local keywords with low competition, get listed on the top of the search results for your physical location before you try to get listed for the state you are living in.

Make sure to target long tail keywords which include your specialization along with location your serve to get listed on the top of the search results quickly. Capturing the traffic in your city before you try to capture the traffic in the state is the best shot to get listed in the search results quickly.



Populate through Google maps and other directories 

Every attorney website work with the objective for getting listed in the top rankings for the immediate area. The inclusion of your services in the Google maps marketing is an effective way to reach your smaller goal.

It helps in gaining high search engine rankings for the local searches. To boost up your website rankings in the local search, you can populate attorney services through online Attorney directories.

Listing in these directories goes long way in making your services popular in the local area. Listing in these directories helps you get the links the rise your search engine ranking and could be an important source for generating potential traffic to your attorney website.

Website Directory


Feed the sites according to specialization

Attorney services have many specializations ranging from criminal to personal injury attorney services. You have to build the feed on your website according to areas of specialization.

If your attorney website is offering the services in multiple areas, you have to feed different pages of the website according to the specialization. Allocate each page for the practice area to enable the search engine to crawl indexes in a systematic way.

You should devote a lot of content to your practice areas to provide more insights to the customer about the service you offer to get better conversion rates. Having keyword rich content on the website will help in improving search engine ranking greatly.

User experience

This goes a long way in improving your client base in the local area and boosting up your brand. The ultimate goal of SEO for attorney website is just to generate traffic to the website but to increase conversion rate by providing good service to the customers.

Your ultimate focus should be on capturing the customers that visit your website. This is possible only by providing quality service to the customers. Online shoppers are keen about the quality of the service provided by the Attorney companies even before reaching.

Ask your previous customers to provide reviews on the services offered you; a word of mouth works wonders in increasing your conversion rates. Reviews provided by the customers are like double edge sword; they will not only help you in increasing your conversion rates but also help you in increasing search engine rankings by providing quality back links.


Conclusion: – To start getting good traffic on the attorney website, first focus should be on keyword research. Keywords are like the queen of SEO. If you have a good list of local keywords then your 30% work has been finished. While doing on page optimization the proper structured data implementation should be there. Put your business on local business directories. It will help to get good results locally for the attorney website on Google. By following basic steps anyone can generate good traffic on the website.


Author Bio: – Amit Chauhan

Amit Chauhan

Amit Chauhan is the Founder & CEO at SearchClap. Amit is an Internet Marketer, Blogger, SEO Consultant, and Link Building specialist. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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