Top 7 Quick Tips for a Winning Resume

Applying for your dream job starts with writing a top-notch CV. A winning resume is always a key performance indicator that potential employer sees and thus, it makes the first, and often the last, impression about you even before they meet you in person.

Not all people approach this matter with care. However, this is a straight way to the failure!

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How to create a winning resume, how to design it, in which manner to write, and what should you include in it to get the desired position and a high income?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question because such matter always has to be approached individually, based on your skills, experience, and qualities.

However, there is a way out! In this article, we will give you a detailed “how-to” guide for creating the best resumes to make the path to the job of your dream easier and much shorter!

Why Is It Important To Create A Winning Resume?

There is a common wrong opinion that a CV is your “ticket” to an interview and that its main task is to bring you a call from the recruiter. However, such approach had let down many of professionals.

A person thinks that if he has worked in a prominent and prestigious company, then his CV doesn’t matter much as long as he mentions the name of this company in it. It is partly right. Of course, such a résumé will interest the recruiter, but not more.

Now, you have to realize that the main task of the award-winning CV template is to show the real value of you as a professional, and if you fail to show your true value immediately, then it will be even more challenging during the interview!

What Are The Top 7 Tips?

How to write a winning CV?

If you still haven’t found an effective solution to this issue, after reading the top 7 tips described below, you will never find it difficult to create outstanding CVs that will bring you success!


  1. Clearly, state the desired position.

The title of the desired position is one of the most important points of the resume, and thus, the destiny of your CV depends directly on how well you formulate it!

Do not use options like “any position,” “specialist,” or something like this because these formulations will not give the employer an idea of ​​what you want. Employers will not waste their time thinking about what to offer you.

Also, do not specify multiple mutually exclusive vacancies in the same resume. If your experience allows you to apply for multiple positions – you should create a few different CVs, each focusing on the experience and skills needed for each specific position that you are applying for.

  1. Ask for Help

If this is the first time you have faced such issue and you have no experience in creating resumes, it won’t be a bad idea to ask for some help. You can ask your friend or a relative to help you.

If this option is not suitable for you, you can find good samples online and create your CV based on these templates, or you can buy a professionally written resume from a writing service like Edu Birdie. This way, you will save some time that you can spend on the preparation for the personal interview and will also get a high-quality CV designed specifically for you!

  1. Pre-determine the salary.

You should have a specific idea of the desired salary – devote a separate field in your CV to the “income level” and write a specific number that you expect to earn at a particular position.

  1. Be concise.

Do not make your résumé look like a novel. The Curriculum Vitae should fit on one page (maximum two) but keep in mind that the excessive laconism does not add solidity to your document as well!

  1. Check the final draft for spelling mistakes.

The resume should not have grammatical errors and typos – such CVs produce an extremely negative impression on the employer and lower your chances of being hired!

  1. Check the validity and up-to-date information.

When writing a resume, you have, to be honest! Any employer will be able to easily find out whether you really possess the described skills and knowledge, and if it turns out that you lied – there is no chance that you will ever be hired to this company!

  1. Complete your CV with a new photo.

The presence of a photo is optional. But if you decided to accompany the document with a photograph, keep in mind that it must meet a number of requirements: the picture should only show one person – you, while your face should be clearly visible.


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