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Health and Safety Training: 5 Key Benefits to Employees & Employers

health and safety

Last updated on December 15th, 2017In the past, training company staff about health and safety in the workplace was seen as a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Employers and business owners were hesitant in providing this type of training as it also meant disrupting business operations and activities. It was simply seen as an expense without […]

Quick and Easy Tips For Hiring a Contractor and Subcontractors

how to hire a contractor

Last updated on November 6th, 2017Hiring a contractor is shouldn’t be hard. Read this post to learn the essential tips for hiring a contractor for your project. To begin with, it is extremely important that you make sure the contractor and / or subcontractor you choose has the proper license. This is rather easy to […]

34 Time Management Advice For Busy Entrepreneurs Like You

time management

Effective time management is important for everyone, but it is absolutely essential for entrepreneurs. Since entrepreneurs are fully responsible for every aspect of their business, taking the right time for the right work is important to keep your business in good shape. Better time management is not just about working harder, it’s about working smarter. […]

The Importance of Millennials in the Workplace and How to attract them


Now that the 2017 school year has concluded, there is an influx of recent graduates looking to begin their careers. Seeing as these college graduates are millennials, they are unlike any millennial generation before them, making it even more important for managers and business owners to understand and adjust to this new generation. This research […]

Hire Recruitment Agencies to achieve the Best Candidates

There has been forecasting on the decline of agencies even in the face of growing competition from internal recruitment teams, job boards, and social networking. Recruitment Blueprint: Control the deal and make more placements Recruitment Blueprint – Control the deal and make more placements Recruitment Blueprint takes you through a comprehensive, step by step system […]

Top Optimistic Signals for Recruitment Services

recruitment services

This is a guest contribution by Mark long There are various staffing agencies in Dubai that are involved in promising excellent staffing or job placement services, but are they really reliable? Most companies recognize the benefits of using these recruitment agencies in finding the right staff and as a means of cutting costs. Recruitment agencies […]

Top 5 Killer Tips for New HR Professionals


Competition among global market is on high and human capital is a major resource. Human resource professionals are employed by the company to track and hire the best talents. The success of the company depends on the capability of the HR personnel. Mentioned below are 5 tips for new HR professionals. Image attributed to Uvisor […]

Must Read! Advice to Young Graduates in Nigeria

young graduates

Last updated on December 1st, 2016Each time I sit on an interview panel, I see the need for guidance and mentoring of young graduates. Many struggle with getting, keeping jobs and generally building a career not because they aren’t skilled but because they lack requisite insight. I’d like to share some of the lessons I’ve […]

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