Letter Writing

Do you know how many otherwise good CVs are totally let down by a poor covering letter or email? Or how many people get a job because an intelligent letter during the application process worked in their favour?

It’s a lot more than you might imagine. In a recent recruitment drive, one major employer rejected 87% of all applications they received on the basis of a sloppy covering letter or email. Their thinking was as follows:

“Whatever experience they might have, if they can’t even write a sensible and interesting note to accompany their CV, what sort of an employee would they be?”

In the recruitment process, letters are very important. And by letters we also mean emails. Indeed emails are commonly a disaster, with candidates thinking that their CV is all important and the email purely the means of delivering it. Not so. The email is highly likely to be printed out and attached to your CV. If it reads like a text message sent when you were in a rush, the initial impression it will create will be very poor.

AnsaCareers CV Writing is in constant communication with a huge number of employers and we know exactly how to use letters to enhance an application. Here is a range of the different types of letters we can help you with:

Cover Letters

Whether you are writing directly to a company, sending your CV to an employment agency or head-hunter, or responding to a specific advertisement, all your communication needs to contain a carefully written covering letter.

AnsaCareers CV Writing can help you create a beautifully written covering letter, which may do such things as further target your application, cover additional information to your CV or overcome barriers that may negatively affect your chance of selection.

Get your cover letters here.


Thank-You Letters

A cleverly timed thank-you letter can be a great way to improve on your interview answers and reiterate why you are right for the role.

Get your thank-you letters here.


Follow Up Letters

Some positions can take weeks and sometimes months before the employer is able to arrive at a shortlist for interview. A timely follow up letter can help keep your CV at the top of the pile.

Get your follow-up letters here.


Job Acceptance Letters

Your acceptance letter is a great opportunity to show how professional you are, to finalise the details of your new job and give the right impression straight from the start.

Get your job acceptance letters here.


Resignation Letters

Leaving on the right note is so important in the small world that we live in. It’s well worth making sure your exit is smooth. Also, what you write may have contractual or legal implications. Our partners can advise on all these issues.

Get your resignation letters here.


Visa / Work Permit Application Letter

Strengthen your application with a covering letter that states clearly and precisely how your application fits the criteria needed to be able to work overseas.

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