4 Things You Should Not Say During Interview!

People who are seeking for jobs face failures due to the things which they said during the interviews. Job interviews are one of the most crucial parts of evaluating the person who is looking for the job.

The organization recruiting team is responsible for hiring the right person which they are looking for their business. The selection of right person is very important for the organization business and growth.

During the formal meetings with post graduates and graduates students, I heard so many cases like the person who is looking for a job is multi-talented but he/she faced failure in terms of getting a job because of the thing he/she said in the interview.

“I’m not so excited about this role…but I have to pay my rent.”

“So how much vacation time would I get?”

“Honestly? I’m quitting because I hate my boss.”

It’s crucial to know what not to say at a job interview because one cringe-worthy remark can cost you the job. These statements are instant job interview deal breakers. Here are four major things that you should not say during interviews:


4 Things You Should Not Say During Job Interview!

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  1. “I Am Not Good At Working In A Team”

There might be the case that working with people or in the team is not your strongest strength and most of the time you prefer working by yourself. That is totally fine. But when you are looking for a job in an organization never said you are a completely independent and autonomous individual that cannot feel comfortable and work alongside others. It’s a big red flag indicator in terms of getting a job.

It is impossible to grow a company or do anything by yourself having an understanding of that on a deeper level is indicative of how someone works and interacts with others.”

  1. “I Have An OCD For…”

“Never say you are ‘so OCD’ in a job interview when trying to communicate that you are really organized or detail oriented Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental illness that impacts millions of people.

Claiming you are OCD about your work is offensive and hurtful to those who suffer from OCD. You never know the mental history of your interviewer or her network.

If you have been diagnosed with OCD, it is your choice to show that information in a job interview. However, if you use the phrase “I’m so OCD’ to trivialize the disorder, it’s an immediate red flag to employers that support mental health advocacy.”

  1. “What Is Vacations Policy Of Your Organization”

“If you haven’t even been hired, you shouldn’t be asking about when and how often you can get away. Employers and human resources managers want to see enthusiasm about the work you would be doing not about leaving ASAP.”

  1. “My Current Organization Sucks!”

“Never speak disparagingly about a boss, colleague or company. If you are leaving a stressful or toxic work environment and are asked why you are seeking a new job, there are many things you can say without being negative.

For example, you’re seeking a new opportunity because you’d like to be more challenged professionally, learn new skills or work for a larger organization. Companies want to hire positive people, not people who will bring negativity into the workplace.”

Your job interview is your last chance to impress your future employer. Therefore, you should make the most out of it. Be mindful of these things that can deprive you of getting a lucrative career that you regret later. Just be positive and give your best in interview room.

Wishing you all the luck!

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