Interview Training For HR Professionals

Interview Training For HR Professionals

Interview training is not just for candidates, it is also for the human resources staff who are doing the actual interviews. Times are changing and companies must efficiently select those individuals who will be working and representing them. According to the recently published government report on Feb 5, 2009, ‘Ontario in the Creative Age’, 80% of our population is currently employed in the service industry there is a huge demand for people who are able to make good decisions and have the capability to understand other people and to work in team settings. Without interview training how, as an employer, are you going to be proficient at separating the wheat from the chaff?

Hiring employees is complicated and challenging and probably the most important management function that you perform – you need to get it right. Not getting it right can mean a lost customer base, high employee turnover, increased operating costs, lost opportunities and low employee morale. Most hiring mistakes are either from hiring someone who should not have been hired or not hiring someone who should have been. Interview training programs assist employers to make a quick analysis of a person’s suitability for the job roles sought and allow them to make informed choices.

First impressions are important and often they are made within the first 3 minutes of meeting someone. In some cases a person’s positive attributes can outweigh the negative ones. With a base in interview training, you will be able to see beyond the initial good impression and learn how to delve more deeply into any negative attributes or lack of skills that may be detrimental to the job on offer. Alternatively, something as simple as a weak handshake can prejudice you against someone who other than their initial contact could be perfect for the job. Interview training teaches an open-minded approach that cuts through the pitfall of first impressions.

Communication is essential to the hiring process. The inability to ask the right questions or to hear what the candidate is really saying often leads to a misinterpretation of the discussion and in some cases the hiring of the wrong person. Using interview training you will learn the correct questions needed to garner information and to test the candidate’s knowledge. You will be shown examples of body language and become proficient in seeing the unspoken message through a person’s mannerisms and posture. You will be taken through a start-to-finish interview process that will make you comfortable and expedite the search. Interview training will give you an understanding of both sides of the table, the skills to see what isn’t visible and the ability to get your job done in a calm, confident and efficient manner.

Hiring an employee is part of the process but sometimes an employee has to be let go. Interview training will prepare you for this unpleasant task by enabling you to understand the services of your organization’s outplacement services and be able to successfully communicate the package and services available to a former employee.

Interview training is a practical course that offers the tools and methods to help you prepare to get the results you want. To conduct a better interview training is imperative if you want to learn how to define exactly what you are looking for in a job candidate. Interview training programs for HR professionals will put you at the top of you game and make you an important asset to your company.

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