How To Network for a Job Through Email – The Easy Way.

How do I build my online job search network?

Good question, but here’s another: what do you spend most of your time online doing?

Chances are, the answer is reading post on social medias. For most that’s posting on social media or chatting are of interest.

You can use this behavior to build a professional network for your online job search, to get a leg up on the competition. If you have a high number of friends or followers on your social networks, and they are directly related to your profession, wouldn’t those people you chat with regularly be interested in assisting you in your job search?

Although there’s nothing better than a face-to-face meeting to strengthen your network, but here’s a good news for the faint-hearted, emails are also very important. This post explains how to  network for a job via email to bulk up your network policy.

How To Network for a Job Through Emails – Advice From Experts

How to network for a job

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A non-intrusive message

“Email is very useful in networking strategy because it is less intrusive than the telephone,” notes Stéphanie Schmitt, trainer Institute partner of success. A point of view shared by Maxime Maeght, author of books on networking: “email allows to weigh your words and let the receiver the opportunity to take his time to decide what response to make.” It allows to make sure to keep in touch after a business meeting, job fair, cocktail, etc.

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Validation of the meeting

If there was an exchange of contact information at the end of a first meeting, the most practical stimulus to accept the entry of the person in your network is to send a simple message. With a subject of the type “Resumption of contact” or simply “news” for example, story that the speaker is right away where it is,” says Maxime Maeght. Then go straight to the point: “we met there on…”. “I propose that we stay in touch,” etc. “This email is actively involved in the work of networking as it allows to formalize the professional encounter between two people and validate in writing,” said Stephanie Schmitt.

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A give-and-take service

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The first email must not be a dead letter. For effective networking, we must regularly raise, give news, take, render services – without expecting anything in return. Imagine that you find yourself in searching for job and you then decide to revive your professional contacts by email: if you have not been heard from for months or years, it’ll make bad and indeed unlikely that it succeeds. On the contrary, sent emails to talk about a topic related to the person’s profession, if you sent your professional contacts links to websites or articles they might be interested in, or if simply you have had cordial exchanges not too long in time, they’ll more easily tend to try to help you the day when you need them. “It of give and take, or even what we call the boomerang effect, says Laurence Attias. Give your network only five minutes per day to email here and there and it will pay you in the long run.

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Write short and direct messages

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In a conversation by e-mail, “it must be brief: ten lines are most often enough”, advises Maxime Maeght. The reason? “We must respect the time that we can dedicate to our interlocutor, which often should be short,” says Stéphanie Schmitt. The advantage with the emails being that – it is commonly accepted to put less forms with classic mail. “We can reduce salutations and quickly enter the subject of the e-mail itself, to save time, be it on the side of the sender or recipient,” admits Laurence Attias.

A better memory of your networking

Another advantage of networking: it allows to quickly find previous conversations with the person getting ready to relaunch in its archives. Returning your contact’s email address, you have access to all email previously sent, so you can find the themes of the discussions or the way you exchange. A useful tool to avoid confusion with the tone of until then.

Supplement other forms of networking

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Final caution: emailing is a networking tool in the growing importance, but which should not overshadow other ways to keep the link. Do not allow your contacts remain only virtual through mails. Consolidate them, to also meet them regularly for physical conversations or telephone.

Over to you!!!

How do you network to build your professional contacts? If you have networked through email before, what benefits have you derived from it? Let me know your thought in the comment.

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