How to get an Early Job Promotion with this Top Simple Tips

Many people want to get a job promotion as soon as possible at their first real job and they work very diligently in doing so. This is one of the top goals you should have, especially if you are a young worker looking to quickly move up in the organization.

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If you know the correct tactics you will be set for an early job promotion. Unfortunately, many don’t know or lack the basic background principles to put  their career growth or promotion in overdrive. In this article we discuss certain tactics that will help you achieve a rapid job promotion in your workplace.

How to get an Early Job Promotion

Forget About Your Past Job:

Once you are hired, your present company forgets about your previous bosses, work places and accomplishments. In an era of competition it can really annoy people when you are talking about all the great things you did at your past companies. By doing so your current management will think – if you enjoyed your earlier job so much then why are you here? With this said, it is important to always try to give your management the sense that you have their best interests at heart as opposed to the great last position you held.

Diversify Your Expertise:

No doubt you have brought your expertise with you when you join this your new company, but it doesn’t mean you know each and everything about your new role. Therefore, try to consult others for information, take advice, and ask for feedback when you complete a task. You will be assigned your duties, but if you have spare time use it by doing something beyond your domain to learn about something new. If you prove your ability to multitask – you’ll get the job promotion earlier than those limited to just a single function (i.e. their duty).

Impress Your Boss:

Always remember your boss has the final authority to decide whether to promote you or not. Try to make him or her happy not just by words, but with follow through standout performance. Therefore, try to know what he is expecting from you and know his bottom line. If you do so, he will surly give you preference over others at the time of promotion.

Work Extra Hours:

Loyalty is something that every boss wants to see in his workers. You should spend extra time if needed even if you have finished your work. This will exude your loyalty to the job and organization to your boss. A few extra hours can give a huge extra boost to your career in terms growth and promotion.

Dress for Success:

By dress it doesn’t mean you only focus on your trousers or shirt. A very successful executive once told me to “dress for the job you want, not the one you have”. Perception plays a vital role in your ability to be promoted. There is an old saying “look like executive, behave like executive, then you’ll be executive”. Try to portray yourself as an executive and not an employee who enters in the morning and leaves in the evening without anything special about them.

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Argue, But With Good Reasoning:

Reasoning is important to interpersonal relationships. Always try to listen to others and present your views with tangible reasoning in front of others, but control your emotions while doing so. If you want to discuss an issue with your boss try to give solid reasons, logic, and arguments. Use the word “because” and “therefore” more often. Such is a type of business vernacular that will make you seem more professional and experienced as compared to your colleagues.

Look Busy and Actually Be Busy:

People don’t get promoted for doing their jobs really well, they get promoted by demonstrating their potentials to do more. – Tara Jaye Frank

Always try to keep yourself busy with some productive activities. If you keep yourself busy you’ll definitely produce something that will be helpful for the organization. If your boss finds you to be a person doing something exceptional he’ll consider you a more productive and creative person and not an idle one who has nothing to do.

Expand Your Public Speaking Skills:

Public speaking may not be necessary for low level positions, but if you want to move up then you need to develop this skill. At most positions of leadership you may be called to give presentations to certain groups of people so be ready and continually develop your public speaking skills. It helps to interact with your colleagues to improve your public speaking skills. You can take some courses as well to further develop these skills. (See: The Elevator Speech That I Used to Get My Dream Job for more details.)

Get an MBA Degree:

Getting an MBA degree could be easier to get a promotion, OR be a candidate for, leadership roles if you have an MBA degree in your educational tool box plus some juicy benefits you can ever think of. why don’t you pause here and take a look at the top 7 reasons why you should do an MBA

The Takeaway:

All of these steps are helpful so try to focus on these tips in light of your current status. If you apply the above outlined steps properly, you will be in line to get promotional opportunities earlier than your co-workers. You will be one of the most trusted young leaders standing out to your big boss and getting your job promotion as easy as ABC.

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