Every time, I pull my Side-stick and rise the Nose into the Air

I smile and remember How Fortunate I am, that possess the Magic of Flight

Nothing will ever compare to what you do as a Commercial Pilot

every time my main wheels touch the Runway, I remember I have the

Best Job in the World and

Hundreds of Passengers trust me with their lives.

commercial pilotFollow your Dreams,

Nothing will ever make you Happier.

We’re biased, but we really do love flying! That’s why we’re inviting YOU, one of the fearless few to join the industry. Here are a few reasons why you should become a commercial pilot:

  1. AN ELITE CLUB: Be part of a select few who can operate aircraft worth millions of dollars and be responsible for the safety and well-being of hundreds of people.
  2. PRESTIGIOUS: People look up to and respect airline pilots; it’s a career you and your family can be proud of.
  3. GREAT PAY: Commercial pilot, especially captains earn above-average salaries and receive many fringe benefits.
  4. HUGE DEMAND: The world needs half a million new pilots in the next two decades. Analysts believe that airlines, cargo and charter companies will continue to need thousands of pilots in the next 10 years. Retirements and new aircraft orders are fueling demand. Are you going to be one of them?
  5. TRAVEL PERKS: How would you like to begin the day in one country and end it in another? You get paid to travel and a great seat up-front is always reserved for you! Again, Free travel for employees and their immediate families
  6. ADRENALIN RUSH: Flying is an exhilarating experience, especially with you at the helm! It requires you to be at your best, every single flight.
  7. NEVER BORING: There’s always something to do even in the most routine flight. “Stay ahead of the plane” is something your instructors will instill during training. Beats a desk job, right?
  8. OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVANCEMENT: The more you fly, the more you qualify. Lots of room for improvement and promotions when you reach certain milestones.
  9. SUPER CHALLENGING: This field is for people like you who crave challenges. There will be obstacles, set-backs, and failures. But it doesn’t matter because you LOVE it!
  10. BECAUSE IT’S YOUR DREAM: Stop day dreaming and get to it!
  11. See the image below if it applies to you like me.commercial pilot
  12. MINIMAL EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: College education is helpful, but not required; you get a job in many countries as soon as you get a license




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  • I like to fly too and always think of how to fly but I need and I want to knw the need’and want to make me fly,,,pls can u help me with the need and process to fly

    • The article i wrote on “why become a commercial pilot?” is enough reasons to make you to choose flying. You need to fly because the world needs half a million new pilots in the next two decades. Retirements and new aircraft orders are fueling demand. Are you going to be one of them?

      I will soon publish a post on the process to become a pilot soon. just keep visiting this blog

  • cosmos fats

    I am 38years old can I still go to this school, cos I love it so much and if I want to register my little kid…how do I go about it.
    Pls do email me the details.

    • Yes at this age you can still enroll in a flight school for pilot training so far you are medically fit. I will send you an email on how to start your career as a pilot. Thanks for commenting.

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  • Onoriode

    Hi, I am 23 years old and have Bsc computer science. It has always been a dream as far back as i can remember to train after high school to become a pilot but was faced with financial constraints hence the reason i had to get a first degree while i sourced for financial support to get me though flying school. Gracefully, i have been able to gather enough funds and have decided to chase my dream of becoming a pilot so currently looking to apply to a school in Canada. Pilots in the house, i would appreciate any advice i can get. Thanks.

    • Hi Onoriode, I’m glad to know that your dream is to become a pilot in future. However, before taking to the sky, there are pros and cons about pilot career. There are many resources and advivce to get you on the track but i’d appreciate if your start by knowing what flying school should apply for your pilot training. Read here on What to consider in choosing your flight school

  • I have always dreamt of being a pilot since I was little, I have always been fascinated and thrilled with life in the air. I am currently searching for the best air school to apply to, but I wonder; I am a Nigerian, is it possible for me to fly as a pilot for European airlines as that has been my target? or will my nationality and race affect me?

  • I have always dreamt of becoming a pilot right from when I was little. I am currently searching for a flight school but I wonder; I am a Nigerian, will my nationality and race affect my chances of fly for an airline in Europe?


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