Problem with Fresh Graduates Not Getting Job Faster – How to Fix It!

Actually the problem with fresh graduates not getting job faster is that they don’t have enough practical knowledge in university, so in time of recession they suffer due to limited knowledge. Sometimes after your undergraduate degree also some students lack soft skills for a particular job due to absence of appropriate experience.

Most of the companies don’t want to spend huge sum of money to train fresh graduates. So an undergraduate student should set his goal at the beginning of his career and work accordingly to develop the required skill set needed for industry. Students can apply to companies accepting I.T students for hands-on experience. Doing this will help in creating more employable candidates.

Industrial Training

Below I have outline  6 Best Companies for Industrial Training in Nigeria, and in case you need assistance on how to go about applying to these companies for I.T placement let me know in the comment box or contact me at [email protected]

ExxonMobil is a well-known E&P Oil Company in Nigeria and is a dynamic, exciting place to do your Internship program. They hire Intern students, and every one of them is exposed to expand their technical foundation and at the same time develop leadership skills necessary for advancement in career.

Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) base in Nigeria, is also a well know Oil Company which offers Nigerian students in Higher Institutions the opportunity to gain work experience in different location. The program provides hands-on work experience from day one, providing students the opportunity to work directly with skilled personnel. The insights and skills acquired after the training program would be helpful for future careers. This Industrial Training Program is designed for students to:

  • Put theories and concepts into practice
  • Begin to build work related skills required for the business environment through constructive feedback and supervision
  • Improve general business/industry understanding
  • Gain additional skills in areas such as communication, team building, problem solving and analytical reasoning
  • Build valuable networks and contacts for professional development
  • Gain insights into career options to support choice of specialized field area to build and develop one’s career

NLNG is a best place for internship, world standard. Seize the opportunity to learn how to swim as you will be trained on how to swim if interested. This training can give you an added advantage to be ahead of your peers if you have interest of working offshore. It’s a wonderful world.  You can apply for your industrial training at NLNG either manually or online through their official website.

Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies. It is also a fantastic company to do your Industrial Training. Their requirements for I.T placement are similar to that of Shell Petroleum. The difference is that you send in your application in time say 4 – 6 months before your I.T commencement date either to their office in Lagos or through an email at [email protected]

Total Upstream Nigeria Limited  recruit hundreds of Interns students with which it enjoys a friendly management / staff relationship built over the period of internship through progressive welfare and staff development schemes.  At the heart of the TOTAL Nigeria Limited’s core value is the Group’s unwavering commitment to top quality products and safety of the environment and people. The I.T program provides hands-on work experience from day one, providing students the opportunity to work directly with inspiring and skilled professionals. The knowledge and skills gained by the end of the program would be invaluable for future careers.

SAIPEM is one of the global leader in drilling activities, and in the designing, acquisition, development and installation of pipelines and complex tasks, both offshore and onshore, in the oil and gas industry. Saipem attempt to bridge the gap between academics and industry. This company truly open students to the technical know-how to prepare them for the labor market ahead.

Do you need more information about their I.T test format? Send us a mail at [email protected]

Remember, The List Goes On…

Along with the above mentioned companies, there are many other companies who also provide industrial training to undergraduate students in their third or fourth year. It is the responsibility of any student to gather information about training companies before sending in application. This is very important because only your skill will decide your employability in the future. So always look for a company which can equip you with the necessary knowledge and skill needed to land that dream job as a fresh graduate.

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39 thoughts on “Problem with Fresh Graduates Not Getting Job Faster – How to Fix It!

  • Amaefule Ngozi Nancy

    nice work, keep it up

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  • kester eze

    Is there any chances/opportunity to apply for 6months I.T in the above companies. ….thanks

    • Kester Eze, yes there are opportunities to apply for 6 months I.T placement in these companies. ExxonMobil also accept polytechnic students for 12 months I.T while Total Nigeria Limited only accepts students for 6 months I.T programme.
      Let me know if you have any further questions to ask, i’m here to assist you.

  • Kester eze

    How do I apply for saipem

    • Saipem ended their I.T applications some months back. Their I.T test was conducted on the 8/02/16. If you have interest to apply for I.T placement in Saipem, I advice you submit your application 4-6 months before your start date. For more information about Saipem I.T application, Please kindly fill in the contact form. I will respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks Kester Eze

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  • Freedom

    What about students of microbiology what places do u advice them to go for IT

    • Hello Freedom,
      Microbiology students can do their I.T in almost every industry including oil and gas industry. But If you want to stick to your discipline, I believe you can do your I.T in the following places:
      The medical line and health care, Pharmaceutical companies, Food production companies like Cocacola, Nesttle, Cadbury, Efco, Flourmills and Breweries. Always visit to get latest updates on I.T opportunities.

  • Lekan Opeyemi

    Pls, how can I apply for Total’s IT programme. I am a student of Mass Communication and my IT is for just 6 months. Thanks

    • When do you intend to apply? Total just concluded writing their aptitude test for March, 2016 intake.

  • Charles

    pls ansa when does nlng take new persons for IT and were is their ph base address for submission. pls also help with other place for IT computer science going for one yr IT.

    • Hi Charles,
      Applications for I.T with NLNG can only be submitted on the last week of each Month. This should be submitted NOT LATER than 2 months before student’s SIWES/IT Commencement date indicated in their letter of application.
      The Addresses for submission are:
      Nigeria LNG ltd
      Plant Complex
      Employee services Section (HRP/1) I.A.
      Admin Building Bonny Island Rivers State
      Nigeria LNG ltd,
      Amadi Creek, Off Eastern By Pass,
      Rivers State
      Note: SIWES/IT intake is done Quarterly (commencing 2nd quarter of each year) this means NLNG will ONLY accept Students in April, July and October yearly. Duration for SIWES application remains 6 months (at a stretch) for University students and 4 months for ND students from Polytechnics who have completed their 1st year (ITF requirement ). While Industrial Training (1 year) is reserved for Post ND Polytechnic graduates seeking Admission for HND (NBTE requirement).

      Thank you for visiting our site.

  • derrick obi

    pls is there anyone for business year industrial training,can i apply to any of this companies

    • Apply to Nigerian Agip Oil Company for one-year I.T programme. visit their offices for more information.

  • derrick obi

    my name is OBI DERRIC an ND holder in business adminstration/management.@Ansa john am looking for a place were i can do my one year I.T

    • Hello OBI DERRIC,
      NAOC accepts application for one-year I.T programme for ND holders in business administration/management. Visit their office in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt to confirm if their I.T application is ongoing.
      All the Best!

  • omolu isaiah

    HI am omolu Isaiah an ND holder in computer science , am looking for an IT placement in abuja @Ansa john

    • Please check your email box i’d send you an email regarding this.

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  • Amedu Sulaiman

    pls,hw can I apply for all d above listed companies for my IT placement, bcos am due to start my july…. Thanks

  • Amedu Sulaiman

    pls,hw can I apply for all d above listed companies for my IT placement, bcos am due to start by july…. I really need u on dis ma.

  • Amedu Sulaiman

    pls,hw can I apply for all d above listed companies for my IT placement, bcos am due to start by july…. I really need u on dis ma.i dnt mind if I can get oda companies also, here is my email address – [email protected]

    • I’ve send you an email on how to apply for your I.T placement in these companies.

  • Amedu Sulaiman

    Thanks for d reply, but I dnt mind if u can help me with other companies collecting IT placement, thanks ma

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  • Hi Ansa John! Great article, I just recently completed my NYSC program and I happen to fall in the no experience cadre. I would love an opportunity to intern as that gives me the opportunity to sharpen myself for the real deal. I studied Agricultural Economics, are there suggestions you can make for me?

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