How These 5 Easy And Free Job Search Tactics Can Get You A Job

Building your job search tactics capability to move your career along is a huge step forward for anyone in the jobsearch game.

Making this happen is not as difficult or as complicated as you might think, because of the hundreds of contacts you already have.

This means career networking is much more than the occasional get together over chilled chardonnay and finger food. It becomes a much bigger game and there are job search tactics to use to get what you want – that job of your dreams!
job search tactics

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Five Creative Job Search Tactics You Must Use Today!

  1. Phone a Friend
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You have dozens, maybe hundreds of people you know, from the most recent to years ago. So using this network brings you warm leads who most often will be shouting, just for you too.

Make the most of this by giving them a call and renewing old relationships; meet for coffee or lunch; catch a movie together.

This easy job finding tactic means that you don’t have to waste time doing things you hate to do – like cold call or plead for help at some artificial employment agency. It’s in your control to be with people you like and people who are like you.

2. Reel Them In

Getting help is more than a case of asking. Much more. Stephen Covey, in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” talks about an ‘emotional bank account’.

You make deposits by doing things that others value – like listening well; being interested in them; being trustworthy and keeping your promises (to name a few!).

When you want something from someone you have to make these deposits and often in the circumstances you are in, in very short spaces of time.

Listen really well – ask them questions about what’s important to them; pay attention; listen much more than you talk; be patient and wait till they ask about you – then ask!

3. Ask For Help
job search tactics
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The summit of your job search tactics is to get people working for you. So you need to let them know that they can help you – they are valuable people you know will support and help you.

It’s a big emotional shout, is asking for help, especially when you use the words, ‘I need your help’. So you can use it to your advantage, without showing that you are desperate.
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Remember, this comes after you’ve earned your credits and built the conversation around them, so time it perfectly, when they ask you what’s going on in your life!

4. Provide Value For Them
job search tactics

If you want to know how to absolutely ensure that you will get the support from these friends, family and other acquaintances, then you have to do only one thing. You have to recognize ways that you can help them and provide that help.

So, OK, that doesn’t sound easy maybe, does it? But if you listen well, then you are already offering far much more than anyone else. A listening, objective ear is unusual! People are always trying to fix them; offer advice; tell them how to fix their lives. But not you – in fact you help them solve their own problems by listening and asking great questions that can help them discover their own solutions. That’s great value!

5. Keep In Touch

And then the final part of this simple and fun job search tactics is to find a way to get the best – yes, even more – from who you already know (remember the hundreds, maybe thousands of people in your ‘army’ of supporters?).

Keep in touch from time to time. If you’ve had to rebuild relationships that have withered away, then make sure that you don’t let that happen in the future – keep in touch occasionally and make the bridge more solid.

Provide a resource for them as they will for you, in the future for the success of you all.

Networking savvy is just one great, free job finding tactic that you can use. It’s easy, it requires no tricky meetings with people you don’t know, who only want to take from you. Of all the job search tactics, this is the one you need and you can start tomorrow!

what do you think about these job search tactics?

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