10 Golden Resume Rules: How to Make Your Recruiter Call You Back

Your resume is the most important part of a job application. Without it, you may not be considered for an interview or any chance to promote yourself further.

This is why it is crucial to do it the right way. Your resume should impress your recruiter so much that they need to find out more about you.

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How to write a resume

Here are our top 10 resume rules to impress your recruiter and get a call back.

#1. Summaries
Unfortunately, the days of 10 page resumes are long gone. Your recruiter only has so limited time to go through a pile of resumes.

Make sure your first page really captures the attention of the recruiter by effective summarizing.

Create your résumé in a way that says it all by not saying much – It is a true skill.

#2. Highlight your biggest achievements first
Do not waste space on your résumé about captaining the basketball squad in middle school. Even though this is a great bragging opportunity, this does not apply to the job.

You need to leave that space for your biggest achievements.

#3. Avoid clichés
Please do not be like the rest of the applicants by using overused clichés. You are smarter than that to come up with your own original ideas.

I am sure the recruiter knows you are passionate about the job you are applying for. There is no need to mention it.

#4. Check your grammar and spelling
This one is a bit upsetting to even mention. You will upset your recruiter in the same way if there are grammar mistakes and spelling errors on your résumé.

Show the recruiter that you are serious about this job by double checking your résumé for mistakes.

#5. Hire a professional

Sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with resume trends. Get a professional resume by having a professional do it.

You may see this as an unnecessary expense but it will pay off in the long run. Definitely worth the investment.

#6. No fancy fonts or paper
This is definitely not the time to express your creative side. Make sure your document looks professional and not like a grade 6 project. You need to show the recruiter that you are mature and ready for the job you’re applying for.

#7. Photos are overrated
This is not an online dating site application so what you look like does not matter that much.

This use to be a trend some years ago but your achievements and experiences will say a lot more than a good shot of yourself.

#8. Don’t share your life story
The recruiter does not want to read about your trip to the Maldives where you caught so many fish, you could eat for days.

You need only share relevant information and leave the unnecessary sharing off your résumé.

#9. Objective statement is a waste of time
Another trend from many moons back but it is a total waste of space on your résumé. You are not a company and the objective statement serves no purpose.

#10. Stand out with meaning
Make sure you stand out carefully. Do not try and be over the top but also do not melt into the crowd.

You want to stand out with meaningful reasons and not for your résumé mistakes.

It really does not matter which job you are applying for, the rules are standard across the board. It can be jobs with social media or jobs in a corporate environment, you need to adhere to the trends and rules of today. Recruiters expect you to know the basics of a great resume.

Do not get your resume thrown out by missing the crucial and effective rules listed above.

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