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4 Things You Should Not Say During Interview!

job interview

People who are seeking for jobs face failures due to the things which they said during the interviews. Job interviews are one of the most crucial parts of evaluating the person who is looking for the job. The organization recruiting team is responsible for hiring the right person which they are looking for their business. […]

Amazing Tips for Writing an Artist Resume

Artise resume

 Writing an artist resume is very different to creating an occupational one. They both have very different aims and should be catered to what you are aiming to get out of having one. As they are very different from each other, we have created a useful guide on how to create a great artist resume. […]

The Importance of Millennials in the Workplace and How to attract them


Now that the 2017 school year has concluded, there is an influx of recent graduates looking to begin their careers. Seeing as these college graduates are millennials, they are unlike any millennial generation before them, making it even more important for managers and business owners to understand and adjust to this new generation. This research […]

Top 7 Quick Tips for a Winning Resume

winning resume

Last updated on July 8th, 2017Applying for your dream job starts with writing a top-notch CV. A winning resume is always a key performance indicator that potential employer sees and thus, it makes the first, and often the last, impression about you even before they meet you in person. Not all people approach this matter […]

Top Tips For HR Professionals

Top Tips For HR Professionals Documentation / Policies & Guidelines One of the main tasks for a HR Professional in any business is the development and update of business documentation, including policies and guidelines used for new staff and existing staff. There should be continual review of these policies, potentially with help and guidance from […]

7 common CV mistakes and how to avoid them

CV Writing Services

Many people fail to secure jobs not because they do not have the potential to perfectly do the job but because of the common CV mistakes, they make when writing it. Your CV is very crucial in creating a good impression to your recruiter when seeking for a job and securing your chances of being […]

Hire Recruitment Agencies to achieve the Best Candidates

There has been forecasting on the decline of agencies even in the face of growing competition from internal recruitment teams, job boards, and social networking. Recruitment Blueprint: Control the deal and make more placements Recruitment Blueprint – Control the deal and make more placements Recruitment Blueprint takes you through a comprehensive, step by step system […]

Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual Reviews

Last updated on October 1st, 2017Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual SummarySoft Skills: The software developer’s life manual is a unique guide, offering techniques and practices for a more satisfying life as a professional software developer. In it, developer and life coach John Sonmez addresses a wide range of important “soft” topics, from career […]

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