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5 Effective Tips To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile

According to the Jobvite 2016 Recruiter Nation Report, 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn most effective when evaluating candidates during the hiring process. It is, therefore, critical to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is outstanding and unique to catch the attention of recruiter from your preferred domain. A properly optimized LinkedIn profile with apt keywords will […]

Your Resume Job Titles Are Not Getting You The Job: What You Can Do

jon titles

When it comes down to getting your next job, your previous job titles could hold you back.   If we take a step back and think about what the purpose of your resume is, we would say that its purpose is to qualify you.   When you are searching for the best Coffee Shop in […]

Ways to Avoid Common Job Search Scams

job scams

Last updated on September 15th, 2017When you’re in the market for a job, you don’t want to waste valuable time with job scammers. You definitely don’t want to waste your money on job scams. Unfortunately, job scammers target those who are looking for jobs, and tend to advertise fake jobs in the same places as […]

Job Sites Are A Crapshoot! How To Move The Odds In Your Favor!

job sites

Job sites like, and are very popular these days. Next to writing an award-winning resume, most job search campaigners think posting on job sites is the way to go. These huge job sites host hundreds of thousands of resumes. They range from security guards to neuro-physicists. Trouble is they gobble up resumes […]

Find A Great Job Fast With This Amazing Tool!

great job

If you’re like most job seekers, you want to find a great job. If you’re like most job seekers you’re probably tempted to take the easy way out . . . mail, email or post your resume. The reason you think it’s so easy is because it’s an arm’s length approach. And it’s mechanical. Related […]

How to Prepare for a Job Search

news paper

“Hey, it’s easy – Just get it done”. My friend is a Software Engineer and he used to have a boss who would say that to him all the time.  When building software systems, particularly in a manufacturing environment, certain types of systems will take months and even years to complete.  His boss (who had […]

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