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How To Make A CV From Scratch! – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

how to make a cv

Having trouble building your CV? Hurray! you are at the right place to find everything related to CV making and how to make a CV from scratch! These days, most jobs require the submission of a CV and, the more attractive the position on offer, the more CVs the employer will receive. Imagine you’re really […]

How do you research companies you want to work for?

how to research a company

Image: Source A job search requires perseverance and exposure to companies of interest.  You can pick up the phone, call companies, cross your fingers and hope for the best OR you could do some research, get the right people on the phone and dazzle them with your experience.  How do you research companies? In order […]

Do You Really Need A Degree When Looking For A Great Job?


The influence of a degree in the job market, is something that has been seen to act as a ticket towards gaining a better-paying job. For these reasons, students have been striving hard to ensure they leave university with this important document. Luckily, you don’t have to own a degree to get a great paying […]

How To Negotiate A Job Offer to Get the Best Deal

how to negotiate a job offer

You have been selected for the job and now you’re thinking how to negotiate a job offer – you are not alone. You are going to receive an offer – CELEBRATE! (The Kool and the Gang song will be running through my head for a week now.) How do you make the offer process successful? […]

Should You Apply for a Job When You Don’t Meet all the Qualifications?

apply for a job

Although it is often recommended that you apply for a job you are interested in and feel qualified for, is it wise to apply for positions where you don’t meet 100% of the requirements? Let’s suppose you only meet 80% of the qualifications or perhaps you don’t meet any of them at all, there may […]

Asking for the Job during an Interview – Best strategy to getting a job.

asking for the job

Do you know asking for the job is another crucial strategy to getting your dream job? “Ask and you shall receive.”  Although this may work in particular circumstances relative to religious requests, it is not quite that easy in the interview process. (Although before a job interview. it is not a bad idea to pray […]

Conoil Nigeria Plc Latest Recruitment (5 Positions) – How to Apply

entry level job

Conoil Nigeria Plc is a standout amongst the most impressive names in Nigeria’s downstream petroleum industry. We are recruiting to fill different positions in the organization. In a restored drive to keep on living up to our vision to be Africa’s leading petroleum product marketing promoting organization. As one of the top companies in Nigeria’s […]

Top 10 Common Resume Mistakes You Should Never Make

common resume mistakes

These common resume mistakes you need to fix them right now – yeah, that’s right! It is very easy to make mistakes in your resume and extremely difficult to fix the damage, when an employer get your resume in his hands. Thus, prevention is crucial, whether you are writing your first CV or a review […]

How To Network for a Job Through Email – The Easy Way.

How to network

How do I build my online job search network? Good question, but here’s another: what do you spend most of your time online doing? Chances are, the answer is reading post on social medias. For most that’s posting on social media or chatting are of interest. You can use this behavior to build a professional […]

Fun Job Quiz: Do you know what recruiters look for in a resume?

Do you have a good resume with a consistent structure? It of a good start, but not enough. To stand out from the crowd, you have to meet the expectations of the recruiter. But do you know what his expectations are? What recruiters look for in a résumé? So, what recruiters look for in a […]

Entry Level JOB Opportunity at an OIL & GAS Company: Apply Now!

entry level job

Banner Energy Limited is an E&P business development company, whose service scope also covers gas infrastructure development, equipment design, procurement & installation and gas products marketing. We are recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Executive Trainee Location: Lagos Entry Level JOB at Banner Energy Limited Responsibilities Following orders of the seniors and producing […]

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